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Kinetic Sculpture Moves!

Outdoors this work comes alive in the wind. Indoors, sculptures may move in air currents, or by touch.

Among the kinetic works you will see a few stationary sculptures. The non-moving pieces often show an implied sense of movement.

All works are made of metal: aluminum, stainless steel or steel. They are finished with automotive paints in a durable, weather-resistant coating. Many of the designs, especially the large works and mobiles, are commissioned for a specific space.

small sculpture Small
These sculptures range from 10 inches to 4 feet in height. They can be placed on a table indoors, or installed outdoors on a patio or deck or in the garden. Small works often serve as maquettes for larger-scale sculptures, informing a design for a specific space.
large sculpture Large
The large sculptures are over 4 feet tall. These pieces are intended for installation outdoors. Some are suitable for smaller spaces, such as an intimate garden or a patio. Others need a broader area for best installation.
mobiles Mobiles
Mobiles are interconnected, balancing sculptures that hang from the ceiling. Movement of one element of the mobile effects motion in the other elements in an ever-changing compostion. They can range in size from small and intimate to large and grand.
wallhung Wallhung
These pieces are mounted on an interior or exterior wall. With a gentle push, the viewer sets the piece in motion and becomes a participant in the dance.
works in progress Works Available